Ashoka's Secret

About the Book

After the horrors of the Kalinga war, the devastated Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism. Transformed by his newfound beliefs, he creat­ed ‘The Nine Unknown’ – a secret society that would alter the course of history forever. The mission of the secret society was to safeguard the ancient knowledge for the benefit of humanity, preserved within manuscripts that were constantly updated. 

Over two and a half millennia later, a malevolent group called ‘The Sword of Power’ surfaces with an ambition to rule the world. Their target — stealing the elusive manuscripts guarded by ‘The Nine Unknown’, even if it means killing the members off. Caught in a battle between the two secret societies is a PhD student named Ananya, who faces an imminent danger for protecting the ancient knowledge that even Ashoka feared ending up in the wrong hands. 

About the Author

Chinmay Patgaonkar is a fourteen-year-old student studying at Indus International School. This is his first novel. Chinmay likes listening to music, writing, reading, watching movies and is a massive sports fan. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys road journeys. Above all he loves meeting people and exchange stories. He currently lives in Pune with his parents, a sister, and a dog. He also has a blog called ‘Stories, You & Me’.

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