The Celebrity Ceo

About the Book

Just a year ago, I was on top of the world. I was the CEO of Neo, my revolutionary tech-based startup in Dubai. I was the coveted Speaker for all major corporate conferences, and a powerful member of the investor and Business communities. 

I could transform the fate of startups with just one tweet. But that one fateful day changed it all. .. I wake to find myself in a hospital bed in Goa, kept in Police custody.

But I have no recollection of how and why I ended up here! Fired from my own company, hated by my own employees, cut-off by the Business community – I am reduced to just another meme on social media. Does life offer second chances? I am Ariyan, known as ‘The Celebrity CEO.’

About the Author

Tomson Robert is a budding, new-age author and blogger based out of Dubai. He stole the hearts and minds of many readers with his highly accepted and appreciated books – Alumni of The Year and Stories of Work, Life and the Balance In Between.

Before he started writing contemporary fiction, he was busy finding solutions to his client’s challenges as a Management Consultant focusing on Business Transformations in Financial Services sector. As his life took a creative bend, this Management Consultant, became a prominent storyteller who now hustles between his professional sphere and inspiring people through his writing.

The books authored by Tomson revolve around three themes, i.e. Faith, Family and Finding Purpose. His writing style exudes simple language, realistic narrative, relatable characters, and fast-paced storytelling. Through his stories, he has helped many find the courage to love and follow their dreams. His stories bring to life the experiences gained from traveling, falling in love, failures at work and life & finally, triumphs.

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