About the Book

In a realm where legends ignite, gods and mortals collide, and destiny unfolds, “Indra: The First of Aryas” is a divine odyssey. Journey with Lord Indra, the god of thunder, as his myth is reborn. 

This epic rebelling invites you to explore Indra’s ascent from obscurity to divine supremacy.Witness… celestial battles, unearth the secrets of the Vritra, and accompany Indra on his quest for power, all within the mystical landscapes of ancient India.

About the Author

Abhiveer Soni is a young and talented author who belongs to Rajasthan. Despite his tender age of 14, he possesses aninsatiable appetite for knowledge and a deep passion for literature. His interests range from history to Indian and Greek mythology, and religious texts.

Abhiveer’s unique perspective and youthful energy shines through in his work, making him a rising star in the literary world.

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