Mid Life Mojo

About the Book

Are you slowing down? Do you feel invisible? Are your deeply buried dreams threatening extinction? Do you feel you are having an existential crisis? 

Welcome to the new paradigm – midlife – but all is not lost, there is a mojo waiting in the wings. In the sandwich years, where the youth questions your relevance and the elderly grapple with your middle age, Rediscover your Midlife Mojo liberates you. The book gently guides you through ageism, confusing technology, body challenges, financial turmoil, and empty nests, urging you to sail forth. It philosophises amid your ramblings and imparts wisdom on patience, youth connections, mini-drama handling, and belief challenges, convincing you to reclaim lost territory. 

Get ready to take risks, start adventures, rediscover friends, and create those bucket lists. But, before you ride into the sunset, any words for the youth and the elderly? Read on; you’II know what to say!

About the Author

Nandita Kaushik has been working as a creative writer, blogger, and poet for over 10 years. She wrote her first short story and poem at the age of 9 and has had a steady relationship with the world since then. She describes herself on Medium.com as “A creative writer inspired by the highs and lows of life”.

Her 25-odd years as a Consumer Behaviour Specialist and Brand Planner have also given her insights into the corporate world. In contrast, her interests in healing, spiritual coaching, career coaching and teaching management students have given her a broad base from which to approach diverse topics and mindsets. Her writing skills include content writing, articles, and blogs on non-fiction topics and her fiction pieces are currently underway in the drama and speculative genres.

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