Never Give Up

About the Book

Following the demise of his father, Nithin decides to fulfil Pappa’s last wish. He comes across eleven strange files kept in his father’s office. These patients, fondly known as ‘Hopes’, suffer from various mental health issues. Nithin is soon confronted with a haunting revelation- each file ends with the contemplation of suicide.

As his wedding day approaches, he realises that the only way to discover the fate of these individuals is to meet them. Turns out, Pappa wasn’t the only thread binding them together.Will their lives remain a mystery, just like their files?Or will they show up?

About the Author

Divya G Prasad finds her roots in Bengaluru, India. While she is an IT professional, her heart pulls her back to her passion: writing.

Divya’s poems have found their way into international and national anthologies, starting from 9th Class onwards. Her poems range from a spectrum of emotions throughout her growing years. Divya strongly believes in taking inspiration from those around her, including family and friends.Divya sticks by her rule of writing: keep it simple, twisted, yet different.

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