Like A Summer Song

About the Book

After a bitter heartbreak, Dhruv Malhotra enters a premier business school with the hope for a fresh start. Here, he meets the bookish and enigmatic Ananya Sharma, and feels instantly drawn to her.

But, his ex Anisha suddenly reappears in his life, stirring old feelings and re-opening painful wounds. At the crossroads between his past and future, it is Dhruv’s turn to take the steering wheel of his life into his own hands.

Can Dhruv decide which road to take which will lead to his true happiness? Is Ananya his destiny and true soulmate? Like a Summer Song weaves a nostalgic romance, rich with relatable characters and a distinctive fusion of poetry and prose.

About the Author

Simran Dudeja is an Engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering turned Marketer, and Storyteller. With diverse corporate experience across Management Consulting and Product Marketing, she aims to strike a fine balance between her Business and creativity, alike.

Simran is also a Spoken Word poet, and a Mental health advocate, who is always up for swapping stories over cups of hot tea. When not Crafting stories or spearheading cam- paigns, she can be found on her Yoga mat practising a Surya Namaskar or enthusiastically creating her next travel itinerary.

You can follow her on Instagram @simran_dudeja, where she talks about books, poetry, spirituality, growth mindset, and various other concepts that catch her fancy.

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