About the Book

Every time a sister is wronged, a Shakuni shall rise. And every time a Shakuni rises, the Mahabharata is inevitable. 

A mythological show that enthralled the audience, reminded the delusional one of the miseries from his past. 

Mahabharata’s evil trickster has awakened and out on a killing spree. He believes he’s Shakuni reincarnated. He believes that destiny has given him another chance to butcher his enemies. His target one of the wealthiest families in Delhi-the Bathras.

About the Author

A young, aspiring author from Pune, Harsha is currently obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her immense interest in the Hindu Mythology and the field of Psychology gave birth to this mythological thriller

Apart from writing, which occupies almost all hours of her day (and night), Harsha is a passionate charcoal painter, a mountaineer and a National level equestrian

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