The Wandering Star

About the Book

Eloise Hector, the princess of Murkwood, who has always been hidden and suppressed was born with a mysterious glitch. When her mother dies in an accident, she loses control over her powers. Unintentionally, she shifts her friends to Shadowland a moonless realm of hallucina- tions, with shadows lurking in the clouds of mist-clueless about how to rescue them.

Kayden Parsons is an obnoxious jerk who thinks of himself as the King of the Murkwood. When he finds Eloise in trouble, he offers his help, knowing she considers him her nemesis.

As they join forces, sparks fly, aiding Eloise in harnessing her powers during a thrilling and mystic adventure filled with tension and flirty banter. Together, they must find a way to thwart the Forsaken and rescue her friends from the darkness of Shadowland before it’s too late.

About the Author

S.P. Mittson is a 31-year-old empath turned storyteller. After posting her stories and quotes on social media, she has fi- nally taken a leap and scribbled a Fantasy. Even though it’s her first venture, she has demonstrated a maturity in her writing that typically comes from years of experience. Her engaging narratives and intricate world-building promise a great future.

She was born and raised in New Delhi, India, where she lives with her Chartered Accountant husband and their noto- rious toddler. She is a Chartered Accountancy Inter and has done MBA in Finance. She currently works as finance head in various companies and helps her husband manage his firm. In her life, she has been a dancer, a painter, and a cre- ative writer who loves travelling, gaining new experiences, and listening to people’s stories. She is an extrovert who knows very well how to express herself.

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